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Derek j Brynes

Derek J. Byrne Attorney at Law, proudly Serving St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa Bay Area Since 2011.

Derek J. Byrne, Esq., practices family and marital law, real estate and business transactions/litigation, and contested probate matters.

Derek J. Byrne, Esq. is a dedicated attorney serving the Tampa Bay area since 2011. He graduated from Stetson University College of Law in December of 2010 and has since used his knowledge and experience to represent clients in a variety of legal matters. Derek’s trial experience and attention to detail give him an edge in the courtroom. In 2018, he was appointed Chairman of the Marital and Family Law Section of the St. Petersburg Bar Association. His commitment to excellence and the community has been recognized by his peers and clients alike. Derek was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida and has deep roots in the Tampa Bay area. When he isn’t in the office or the courtroom, he enjoys fishing, boating, and of course, spending time with family. If you are looking for an experienced and dedicated attorney to help you navigate the complexities of the law, Derek J. Byrne, Esq. is the right choice.



Reasons to Choose Us As Your Divorce Attorney in St. Petersburg

Honest, Experienced Council – We understand your situation, whether it brings good news or challenges. Our office is dedicated to providing you with transparent and factual information. We believe in giving you the facts and allowing you to make the correct choices for yourself, your family, or your business. In a world full of uncertainties, our objective is to provide you with the clarity to ensure you get a clear picture of your circumstances. It will help you make the best decisions confidently, with the support of hard facts and the truth on your side. Derek J. Byrne is a reputed divorce attorney in St. Petersburg who will take you on the path of success and prosperity with his invaluable legal advice and assistance.

Modern Legal Care – It is always important to keep yourself informed about the latest technologies. However, it is also important to avoid popular but inefficient systems, programs, or applications. You also need to boost your knowledge and skills. Derek J. Byrne, a reputed divorce attorney in St. Petersburg provides the best legal care with the help of technology that genuinely improves efficiency and helps him provide strong legal solutions. We believe in maintaining a balance between technology and making astute choices to ensure the perfect legal remedy that adds value and makes your work or life easier, instead of being lost in the darkness of legal complexities.

We do it for Our Clients – Advocating for a client and getting a positive outcome feels good. It is like solving a puzzle, especially when you deal with difficult legal issues. Yet, the most satisfying part goes beyond just winning in court. It is about bringing about a real and positive change in people’s lives. As a top divorce attorney in St. Petersburg, Derek J. Byrne has always valued client satisfaction over his success.


Our Philosophy


The Client Comes First – A lawyer puts a client first by always striving to represent them to the best of their ability. This includes taking the time to fully understand their legal needs, listening to their concerns, and providing them with honest and reliable advice. Additionally, a lawyer puts a client first by always acting in the client‘s best interests, such as by upholding the confidentiality of their case and striving to obtain the best possible outcome.

Honor the Law – When a lawyer respects the law, they can provide their clients with accurate information, which allows the client to make informed decisions. A lawyer who respects the law also knows how to effectively argue a client‘s case and ensure that their rights are protected.

Committed to Excellence – Remaining current on decisional law remains a high priority in this office. A passion for the law and knowing how to prepare for court gives us an advantage.

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