Best Divorce Attorney in St. Petersburg
  • Derek J. Byrne
  • December 15th, 2023

Hire the Best Divorce Attorney in St. Petersburg

When it comes to seeking legal assistance for divorce and family matters, you should hire the most reputed divorce attorney in St. Petersburg. You will find numerous divorce attorneys who are providing decent services; however, for the sake of safeguarding your interests in the best possible manner, you should consider hiring Derek J. Byrne, one of the top family lawyers in St. Petersburg.


Our Journey

For more than 12 years, he has been providing the best legal services to clients in family and marital law. We have a robust team of legal professionals who have the talent and experience to provide high-quality legal support to clients. Our team offers personalized legal assistance best suited to your interests. If you are struggling to get proper legal advice and seeking immediate assistance, then Derek J. Byrne is your ultimate option. Your well-being is our primary objective, and our dedicated legal team will ensure that you will get the best legal remedy under the law.


Why Choose Us?


Derel J. Byrne has earned a reputation as one of the top family lawyers in St. Petersburg by providing exceptional legal support to clients who are seeking remedies under family and marital law. People are usually unaware of the law, especially the complexities of the cases related to divorce and family matters; they are completely oblivious. Family and marital law take care of two different types of family matters. One critical part is when a couple decides to finally end their marriage, which is called divorce. So, if you are seeking a divorce, you need to know the different aspects of divorce.


Types of Divorce


There are two different types of divorce:


Amicable: It means when both parties agree on all the issues and there is no scope for contesting. In this situation, a reputed St. Petersburg family attorney will ensure that both parties get the divorce swiftly and comfortably.


Contested: In these circumstances, the parties don’t agree on some issues or all the issues. Here, the court becomes the arbitrator, and they decide the alimony as per the provisions of family and marital law. It includes financial support, appropriate distribution of property and debt, child-related matters like child custody, guardianship, timesharing, and ensuring the financial support they require. All the aspects need special attention to avoid any further tussle. Derek J. Byrne, the best divorce attorney in St. Petersburg, will work towards your interests and provide you with the legal advice that helps you achieve success. Our team can also secure restraining orders for you against domestic violence or any kind of physical or mental harm.


Take a Glance

We also offer mediation services when we bring both parties to a common forum who want to clear their misunderstandings, identify concerns, and help them resolve them. We have a dedicated team of family lawyers in St. Petersburg who have the experience and intelligence to solve all kinds of outstanding issues between both parties.


Whenever you are facing challenges in matters related to family and divorce, you should consider hiring us to safeguard your interests under the law. We understand that legal matters can be highly painful and distressing; hence, we provide compassionate and practical legal solutions to clients that help them get the legal remedy they deserve under the law. Hire the best divorce attorney in St. Petersburg for all kinds of issues related to divorce and family matters.

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