Moving Towards Divorce
  • Derek J. Byrne
  • December 14th, 2023

Moving Towards Divorce With A Reluctant Spouse? Here’s How Can You Do It

Marriage is undoubtedly a beautiful partnership but sometimes there can be some turbulence that leads to separation. Divorce can be due to continuous disagreements, infidelity, cultural differences, or some other reasons. This is an important decision and that’s why you should think about it while you’re calm and not when you’re angry with some incidents.


Not all divorces happen with mutual agreements. Some divorce cases are such that one spouse is reluctant to proceed with divorce. You need to hire an experienced and proficient family lawyer in such a case. Derek J Bryne is the best family and divorce lawyer in St Petersburg.


In this blog, we will take a deeper dig into some essential facts to kindly move toward divorce with a reluctant spouse.


How To Move Forward For Divorce With a Reluctant Spouse?


Before moving forward with the subject, you need to evaluate the reasons for reluctance.


Moral and Ethical Reasons: The term ‘Divorce’ actually ruins the idea of a ‘family’ which makes many people feel like the end of life. Making the decision to separate from your spouse isn’t easy and needs a lot of strength. Besides, most divorce cases are more complicated because either of the spouses is reluctant to divorce thinking of its impact on their children.


Financial and Legal Aspect: In some divorce cases, a lawyer may advise the reluctant spouse to do nothing which can be actually tiring for the other spouse. The thought behind doing so is to make them more amenable to their conditions. It can also be a tactic to collect significant spousal support.


Strategies To Pursue a Healthy Divorce


Work Through Grief


It may happen that you have decided to separate but your spouse may not be ready for this step. You can reach out to Discernment Counseling in such a case. It will help them understand the dysfunction in the marriage and prepare them to cooperate with the divorce proceedings. Hiring a good family and divorce lawyer in St Petersburg can also help you in this process.


Reassure and Empower


No one would ever want to take a ship without knowing the destination. This is what it feels like when either spouse isn’t initiating the divorce. You can help your reluctant spouse to visualize life after divorce. You also need to reassure your spouse they aren’t alone. Make them understand that they’re going to financially survive. It will convince them to move forward with the divorce.


Involve The Reluctant Spouse


I suggest encouraging a healthy conversation with your reluctant spouse to help them come to terms with their divorce. If you are the one who is initiating the divorce, don’t blame your spouse for the separation and just make your spouse understand that your marriage hasn’t just been good for either of you.


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