Need To Avoid During Divorce
  • Derek J. Byrne
  • December 12th, 2023

Six Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid During Divorce

Are you heading towards divorce proceedings? Separating from the person you once loved isn’t easy. Divorce is not only emotionally draining but can be traumatic also. You need to approach the divorce process with a well-thought-out strategy. Many people make some expensive mistakes during this process that can be favorable for the other spouse. You may also end up paying a significant alimony as a consequence of such a big mistake.


Derek J. Bryne is a highly reputed divorce attorney in St Petersburg. You can count on me for various family cases. Whether it’s a child custody case, child’s maintenance, or complicated divorce case. In this blog, we will dig into some common mistakes that must be avoided for a smoother divorce. Let’s explore more below.


Must-Avoid Mistakes During Divorce Process


Not Understanding The Financial Implications


This is one of the important things you must not forget. Divorce impacts your financial situation considerably. So, before moving ahead with the proceedings, discuss with your lawyer to understand the monetary part. You will also need to hire a financial advisor with experience in dealing with divorce cases to understand the financial implications. This will help you create a plan for your future.


Not Considering ADR Options


A lot of people perceive divorce as a contentious and adversarial process. However, you can also consider alternative dispute resolution options. Options like collaborative divorce or mediation can help you reach a more cost-effective and amicable resolution. You can discuss the solutions with your divorce attorney in St Petersburg and make sure to choose the one who has experience with ADR methods.


Subconscious Emotional Decisions


Feeling several different emotions is also a crucial part of a divorce. But it can work against you sometimes. Letting emotions drive your decisions can result in a less favorable outcome. Instead of getting trapped with this, I suggest hiring a counselor or therapist to maintain a clear mind throughout the process.


Not Considering A Comprehensive Parenting Plan


If you have children, you need to be more aware of your decision as it will have a direct impact on your children. I suggest creating a comprehensive parenting plan for your children’s well-being and minimizing future conflicts. You can discuss it with your lawyer to discuss all the issues like custody, number of visits, communication between parents, and others.


Dating During Divorce


Now this can put you in some serious trouble. Dating during the divorce proceedings can prolong and complicate it. It can make negotiation and reaching a settlement a lot more difficult. And, if you aren’t in any relationship already, just focus on yourself and divorce until the legal proceedings are complete. It will not only help you heal from the divorce but also allow you to move on without any trauma.


Not Ready To Negotiate


This is also another common divorce mistake many people make. This can result in prolonged litigation which will empty your bank account. Don’t be rigid when it comes to negotiation. If both parties have decided to part ways mutually, negotiation can help them reach a resolution without heading to court.


Hire The Best Lawyer


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