• September 21st, 2023

Michael Hertzman

I am a previous client of Derek’s so I’m copy and pasting my comment on his old firm that was directly intended for him: I came to this firm in a desperate situation where state law was completely against myself and what was in my child’s best interest, and time was urgent. After being toyed with by law firms throughout the day, talked down to, hung up on and scheduled consultations set a week or two from that date, I contacted here and associate Derek Byrne. Amazing treatment, attention, and respect. Mr. Byrne had me come in immediately, drafted necessary paperwork right there in his office, and had it not been after 5:00 when we wrapped things up he would have had them filed that day as well. Things did not proceed as we anticipated, and I needed his assistance and counsel much more expediently than expected. Derek Byrne responded to the new events as if he saw them coming, and handled them with absolute diligence and persistence. I have never been able to not get in touch with him, he makes me feel as if I am his only client even though it is apparent by his desk, office and schedule he has a full plate. Does not matter. Amazing attorney and an amazing firm. My one and only regret throughout this whole process was this firm wasn’t my first phone call. I wasted an entire day with a list of other attorneys that weren’t worth a Google search.

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