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Family and Marital Law

Family and Marital Law deals with different aspects of family issues. One important part is when a couple decides to end their marriage. There are two types of divorce: one where both parties agree on everything (amicable) and another where they don’t agree on some or all issues (contested). In these situations, the law decides the alimony, which is financial support from one spouse to the other. It also addresses matters related to children, such as deciding how much time each parent spends with them (timesharing) and protecting the financial support they require.



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Derek J. Byrne, a reputed St. Petersburg family and divorce lawyer, provides the best legal solutions to people who are seeking justice under the Family and Marital Law. Moreover, family and marital law handle the fair distribution of properties and debts when they separate. It is important to make sure everything is divided fairly and that both parties can spend their lives independently. Sometimes, there may be concerns about safety within the family, which allows the courts to issue restraining orders. These orders are like legal tools that can protect someone from domestic violence or harm. They act like legal shields to keep the involved parties at a safe distance from each other. The best St. Petersburg family and divorce lawyers have the intellect and expertise to provide desired legal solutions to people.

Family and Marital Law is like a guide for families facing challenges. Whether it is a divorce where everyone agrees or disagreements are present, it helps St. Petersburg family and divorce lawyers decide on alimony and matters related to child guardianship, including the fair division of property and debt as well. It also protects restraining orders when there are concerns about safety within the family.